Business Applications

Business Applications are the veins of an organization where critical processes and information are processed to move the business forward. Hence, effective management of the lifecycle of these applications are critical to the vitality of the business. Organizations, however, often have too many applications due to mismanaged application portfolios. This makes IT spend too much time supporting non-critical applications and not enough time on their most vital ones. In fact, IT need their portfolios to be current and effective and evolve continuously to support the business or risk being marginalized.

Some of Your Challenges

  • Your organization have too many applications due to sprawl from poorly managed portfolios, and application managers are spending too much time supporting non-critical applications and not enough time on their most vital ones.
  • Applications that IT is deploying don’t meet business objectives and fail to deliver adequate business value because of poor requirements gathering. This also leads to significant project rework and hurt the organization’s financial performance and working relationship between IT and the business.
  • You have been tasked with delivering a large-scale software implementation project. Historically, similar projects within your organization have failed to complete on time, on budget, and/or have failed to deliver upon their intended benefits. It some cases, these projects have even been abandoned altogether. With a new project on the horizon, you need to minimize your risks of repeat failure.
  • Your software quality assurance (SQA) program is using the wrong set of metrics to measure how process improvements influence product quality improvements.
  • The increasing complexity and reliance on technology within your organization sets unrealistic expectations on maintenance teams. Stakeholders expect teams to accommodate maintenance without impact on project schedules.
  • There is a lack of interdepartmental collaboration between different teams pertaining to business applications. There are no formalized roles and responsibilities for governance and support around enterprise applications.
  • Your organization understands the importance of business process improvement and recognize its benefits: cost savings, waste elimination, and process efficiency. However the earlier initiatives on process improvement failed and you need a fresh approach to succeed this time.
  • You’re about to start a new ERP implementation and you heard that over half of ERP projects fail to achieve their planned business objectives. You know that the ERP project will impact the entire organization and the disruption will be real during both implementation and in the production environment. You need an approach to minimize risks while maximizing benefits.

akademiDXs – IT should rationalize Business Applications to create better outcomes for the business and customers.

We Help You Manage Your Critical Business Applications Agenda

Application Development

  • Architecture & Strategy
  • Development
  • Maintenance
  • Mobile Development
  • Requirements & Design
  • Testing, Deployment & QA

Business Processes

  • Business Analysis
  • Optimization
  • Selection & Implementation

Enterprise Applications

  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Enterprise Resource Planning
  • Human Resource Systems
  • Marketing Solutions

Some Initiatives We Can Help You:

  • Assess Your Applications Portfolio
  • Build an Applications Roadmap
  • Improve Your Requirements Gathering Process
  • Govern and Manage an Enterprise Software Implementation
  • Optimize Application Development
  • Enhance Your Software Quality Assurance Practice
  • Develop an Application Maintenance Program
  • Establish an Applications Center of Excellence
  • Adopt Business Process Improvement
  • Modernize Your SDLC
  • Build a Center of Excellence of Applications Management
  • Craft a Mobile Development Strategy
  • Develop an Actionable ERP Strategy and Roadmap
  • Select and Implement an ERP Solution
  • Implement a Multi-site ERP

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