Business-Side SAP Consulting

Digital transformation is the key to succeed and survive in today’s volatile business environment. Business applications like SAP are at the core of any digital transformation initiative. They are the tools that derive the execution of the digital transformation strategy you build, alongside the mindset you build within your organization.

Selecting the correct tools to support your initiative is one of the most immediate steps after shaping the digital transformation strategy of your organization. Yet making a good decision for the tools themselves is not enough alone. You should also take into consideration in an integrated way the selection of the system integrator that would best fit your goals and culture. The third ingredient in this success receipt is the implementation methodology to be utilized. This methodology, be it a pure agile approach or a combination of agile and waterfall methodologies, should be executed together by the system integrator and business, ie your team.

We have been on both the system integrators and business sides for many years and gained a valuable understanding of the demands and priorities of both entities. Our added value is to work together with you throughout these challenges and contribute to the success of realizing your digital transformation initiatives. For this purpose we position ourselves on your side, ie business, and play a bridge role between you and the system integrator. The end outcome we aim is always to maximize the return of investments (ROI) of the tools and service providers.

Our services are designed around the following main objectives

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SAP Project/Program Management

We help companies  maximize their ROI of digital transformation initiatives by supporting in the planning and implementation of SAP systems.

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Business Applications and Vendor Selection

Thanks to our accumulated +50 years of extensive experience, we help companies through the application of our systematic selection and contracting methodologies.

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Change Management

Systematic change management and user adoption is one of the most critical aspects of SAP projects, and potentially a top reason of failure if not managed appropriately.

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SAP Quality Assurance

We offer both Technical/Functional and Project Management quality assurance services that could provide you with a great peace of mind throughout your SAP project/program.

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Troubled Project Rescue

Unfortunately, more than half of ERP projects fail due to a number of reasons that could potentially be overcome. Your project does not have to be one of these. We work together with you and your system integrator to prevent this from happening.

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Our aim is to maximize the ROI of digital transformation initiatives undertaken by our customers. To this end, we contribute to the success of SAP projects by positioning ourselves on the SAP-client side..


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