Change Management

Following is a sample plan for a business application procurement process:
SAP projects are more than just information technology projects, they are mission critical transformation projects that bring many process and organization changes. The human factor plays an important role in the success of SAP projects and the long-term success of the applications being implemented. The nature of the problems found in failed or underperforming projects are more related to the insufficiency at managing change impacts than of those related to technical issues and system constraints.

Our change management services in SAP projects start with a thorough analysis of potential change impacts. This is followed by a proactive planning of how to best manage these impacts and mitigate any risk that could prevent the success of your project. Training of all relevant stakeholders and project wide communication are also an integral part of our change management plan.

We engage critical users and process owners throughout the change management activities so that they can proactively own the change process. The ultimate goal is to enable all users to adopt SAP systems and to create an active SAP culture that would support a sustainable system.

akademiDX – Systematic change management and user adoption is one of the most critical aspects of SAP projects, and potentially a top reason of failure if not managed appropriately.

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