CIO Agenda

The new normal and ever changing business environment puts more and more new priorities to the already busy CIO agenda. Enhancing leadership, aligning IT to business strategy, strengthening governance, improving IT value, and optimizing IT performance are some of the areas that CIOs need to manage in order to be proactive. Top expectations for CIOs are to align IT to business strategy and to transform business processes.

Some of Your Challenges

  • Business leaders in your organization need a digital transformation playbook to rethink the organization’s value proposition.
  • You find it difficult to juggle operational activities, strategic initiatives, and involvement in business transformation.
  • Business transformations are happening, but you are often involved only when it comes time to implement change. This makes it difficult for the you (the CIO) to be perceived as an organizational leader.
  • IT governance is the number-one predictor of value generated by IT, yet your organization struggles to organize governance effectively.
  • Inconsistent adoption of holistic practices has led to a chaotic service delivery model that results in poor customer satisfaction.
  • There is little structure, formalization, or standardization in the way IT services are designed and managed, leading to diminishing service quality and low business satisfaction.
  • IT cost pressure is fueled by negative sentiment; IT is perceived as a high cost that does not deliver value.
  • IT and the business are often misaligned because business value is not well defined or communicated.

akademiDXs – The New Normal adds more digital transformation priorities to the already busy CIO agenda.

We Help You Manage Your Critical CIO Agenda

People & Leadership

  • Engage IT Staff
  • Lead and Coach IT Staff
  • Train and Develop IT Staff

Strategy & Governance

  • IT Strategy
  • IT Governance, Risk & Compliance
  • Cost & Budget Management
  • Innovation
  • Organizational Design
  • Service Management

Value & Performance

  • Manage Business Relationships
  • Performance Measurement

Some Initiatives We Can Help You

  • Assess CEO’s view on IT and build CEO-CIO alignment
  • Understand stakeholders’ view of IT and develop a business vision for the CIO
  • Assess your IT management & governance maturity
  • Align your IT strategy to your business strategy
  • Optimize your IT Operating Model
  • Build your IT budget
  • Create a service management roadmap
  • Improve your IT governance to drive business results
  • Build an IT risk management program
  • Define your digital business strategy
  • Design a customer-centric digital operating model
  • Assess and raise your digital maturity
  • Minimize the Damage of IT Cost Cuts in times of crisis

How can we help you?

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