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Whatfix: Drive Digital Adoption

Whatfix is a leading Digital Guidance and Engagement Platform that empowers organizations to efficiently manage the end-to-end enterprise software adoption lifecycle across any business application.  Whatfix helps enterprises onboard, train, and support end users on software applications without external intervention, delivering a seamless product experience. Whatfix’s mission is to empower companies to maximize business outcomes by eliminating technology complexities for their users.

Why do Customers Use Whatfix?

The Whatfix Digital Adoption Platform (DAP) integrates seamlessly with applications providing in-context information and guidance to increase individual capability and collectively amplify productivity.

Unleash SAP Success: Turbocharge Adoption and Maximize Performance with Whatfix

Improve your SAP onboarding, training, and skill development, personalized for different employees across your organization’s departments. Leverage Whatfix’s in-app guidance, self-help content, interactive training, and employee onboarding capabilities. Whatfix works with all major SAP applications including its CRM, ERP, Supply Chain and HRM platforms by offering:

  • Real time tips to enhance SAP proficiency through In-App Training for faster onboarding.
  • Simplifying the SAP User Experience with Self-Service Learning
  • Utilize data-driven approach to identify workflow issues and solve adoption challenges

Whatfix in Action

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Our aim is to maximize the ROI of digital transformation initiatives undertaken by our customers. To this end, we contribute to the success of SAP projects by positioning ourselves on the SAP-client side..


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