Enterprise Architecture

The role of Enterprise Architecture is often misunderstood or unclear. Organizations without an Enterprise Architecture function struggle to articulate the business need for a formalized discipline. Organizations with an existing Enterprise Architecture function face additional hurdles as stakeholders are unsure of Enterprise Architecture’s value. In response, Enterprise Architecture needs to have a sponsored practice strategy that is anchored in an Enterprise Architecture value proposition. This value proposition will set the appropriate expectations of the Enterprise Architecture function, and will clearly articulate the role of Enterprise Architecture in helping the enterprise achieve its strategic goals.

Some of Your Challenges

  • Your organizations have some form of Enterprise Architecture (EA); however, it may not accurately and sufficiently support the current and rapidly changing business and technical environments. Historically applications were built and integrated haphazardly in an attempt to enable quick delivery, however omitting architecture quality practices.
  • You want to document your organization’s business architecture however you don’t know where or how to begin, or how to engage the right people, model the business, and drive the value of business architecture.
  • Your organization has been unable to design an infrastructure environment and landscape that supports business results and value. Infrastructure is viewed as an undesirable cost, leading to underinvestment. The infrastructure team has been in a firefighting mode and expected to streamline operations at the same time.
  • Your enterprise architecture department is not sure which areas to improve or how to yield the greatest benefit to the organization. The department also do not have the opportunity to show the investment justification to the business.
  • You need an enterprise architecture tool to increase the efficiency with which the EA function can deliver insights, but you’re not sure where to start to select a EA tool that suits your needs.
  • You want to establish an enterprise architecture operating model, however you find it difficult to start the project, engage the right people, and find the necessary requirements to drive the value of an enterprise architecture operating model.
  • Navigating the common enterprise architecture (EA) frameworks and right-sizing them for your organization is difficult and you struggle to effectively collaborate with the business when making decisions, resulting in outcomes that fail to engage stakeholders.

akademiDXs – Enterprise Architecture can deliver many benefits to an organization by enabling IT to deliver value based on the operating environment and the direction of the enterprise.

We Help You Manage Your Critical Enterprise Architecture Agenda

Architecture Domains

  • Application Architecture
  • Infrastructure Architecture
  • Enterprise Architecture
  • Security Architecture
  • Data Architecture

Architecture Strategy

  • Enterprise Architecture Governance
  • Enterprise Architecture Operating Model

Some Initiatives We Can Help You:

  • Assess Enterprise Architecture Maturity
  • Document Your Business Architecture
  • Design an Enterprise Architecture Strategy
  • Define an Enterprise Architecture Operating Model
  • Establish a Solid Business Architecture
  • Modernize Data Architecture
  • Optimize Your Application Architecture
  • Align Infrastructure Architecture to Business Value
  • Embed Security Architecture Into All Things IT
  • Select an Enterprise Architecture Tool

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