Infrastructure & Operations

The business environment has been in a rapid change for a while. The so called New Normal accelerated the pace of this change to unprecedented levels. These changes rapidly have put IT infrastructure and operations into a more strategic layer within the organization than it was ever. In fact, IT infrastructure and operations is now a game changer instrument that can boost innovation. This is a huge shift in management perception after all those times where IT was perceived more as a budget consuming cost center. CIOs should be riding this wave and find out ways to be proactive in order to increase their business readiness for new challenges.

Some of Your Challenges

  • You are experimenting with or running applications in Infrastructure-as-a-Service, and software vendors are pushing you toward Software-as-a-Service offerings. You don’t want to jump to the cloud before defining your cloud vision and without any clear plan for realizing the cloud’s benefits
  • You want to craft your disaster plan before a natural disaster or major IT outage occurs and increases business pressure to create a disaster recovery plan (DRP).
  • The variety of devices and provisioning models available for end user computing is daunting and you need to develop a viable roadmap that optimizes utilization, user experience, and cost.
  • Each budget discussion feels like a battle to get as much money as you can, because it’s difficult to for the business to understand importance of infrastructure and operations initiatives.
  • Your organization realizes the value of enterprise mobility, but you want an approach that takes advantage of new technologies, while minimizing security threats, costs, and service desk headaches.
  • The new normal pressures for Remote Work. You have many alternatives in terms of technologies among which you have make decisions, but you also need to consider the challenges that cannot be solved by technology alone.
  • The number of servers, applications, and endpoint devices your IT network is expected to support is growing geometrically. The business is unable to clearly define future requirements but they have has zero tolerance for downtime. This is paralyzing your planning.
  • You service desk struggles with low business satisfaction, high cost to resolve incidents and implementation requests, confused and unhappy end users, high ticket volumes and a lack of root-cause analysis to reduce recurring issues, and ineffective demand planning.

akademiDXs – IT infrastructure and operations is now a game changer instrument that can boost business innovation.

We Help You Manage Your Critical Infrastructure & Operations Agenda

End-User Computing

  • End-User Computing Applications
  • End-User Computing Devices
  • End-User Computing Strategy


  • DR and Business Continuity
  • Service Desk
  • Asset Management
  • Availability & Capacity Management
  • Operations Management

Networks & Data Center

  • Cloud Strategy
  • Data Center & Facilities
  • Network Management
  • Server Optimization
  • Storage & Backup Optimization

Some Initiatives We Can Help You

  • Assess End-User Satisfaction to Deliver Better Service
  • Optimize the Service Desk
  • Build an Infrastructure Roadmap
  • Craft a Cloud Strategy
  • Create a Right-Sized Disaster Recovery Plan
  • Develop an End-User Computing Strategy
  • Develop and Manage an Infrastructure & Operations Budget
  • Optimize Skills for Infrastructure & Operations
  • Modernize the IT Network
  • Modernize Enterprise Storage
  • Develop a Data Center Consolidation Strategy
  • Outsource IT Infrastructure
  • Outsource Systems Management
  • Develop an Availability and Capacity Management Plan

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