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We offer a wide range of IT Research and Advisory that covers almost all the major areas that a modern IT department would need to deal with. We know that you want to be proactive and lead digital transformation initiative within your company. Our aim is to be your trusted partner along this journey. We can help you plan and manage both your strategic and operational level IT initiatives that would enable achieve your company’s high level business goals.

Our IT management and governance framework shown below will give you an insight of the scope of our services in this context. You can also visit the related specialization pages to find more details of our services.

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CIO Agenda

Aligning IT to business strategy, enhancing leadership, , strengthening governance, improving IT value, and optimizing IT performance are some of the areas that CIOs need to manage in order to be proactive.

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Infrastructure & Operations

IT infrastructure and operations is now a game changer instrument that can boost innovation. This is a huge shift in management perception after all those times where IT was perceived more as a budget consuming cost center.

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Enterprise Architecture

Enterprise Architecture can deliver many benefits to an organization. However, in order to increase the likelihood of success, the Enterprise Architecture team needs to deliver value to their organization based on the operating environment and the direction of the enterprise.

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Business Applications

Business Applications are the veins of an organization where critical processes and information are processed to move the business forward. Hence, managing the lifecycle of these applications are critical to the vitality of the business.

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Project & Portfolio Management

IT departments that have effective and efficient project management offices that guide the organization through the ambiguity of project and portfolio management best practices can achieve better results and can add more value to their business.

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Data and Business Intelligence

Data is the blood that holds the critical elements of the business processes and the realities of an organization. This inevitable fact has been there for a very long time. IT is the department that can lead how business can ride this ever increasing wave of data importance and help translate this invaluable asset into a game changing competitive advantage.

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IT Security

Many security leaders struggle to decide how best to prioritize their scarce information security resources. The need to move from a reactive approach to security toward a strategic planning approach is clear. The path to getting there however is less clear. Three keyword can bring success: Holistic approach, risk-aware decisions, and business-alignment.

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Vendor Management

IT departments may perceive managing vendors as an unnecessary burden on top of the already busy agenda. Sometimes there could so many vendors and not enough time to manage them. IT departments need to prioritize vendors and foster relationships in order to maximize value the realized.

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