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Many security leaders struggle to decide how best to prioritize their scarce information security resources. The need to move from a reactive approach to security toward a strategic planning approach is clear. The path to getting there however is less clear.  Three keyword can bring success: Holistic approach, risk-aware decisions, and business-alignment.

The successful security strategy should be built around alignment with business objectives, assessment of organizational risk and stakeholder expectations, enablement of a comprehensive current state assessment, prioritization of initiatives, and building out a clear security roadmap.

Some of Your Challenges

  • You know that you must move from a reactive information security management approach towards a more strategic approach. However you struggle in deciding how to best to prioritize your scarce information security resources and craft your roadmap.
  • The complexity of IT systems and the sophistication of threats makes it difficult for you to have the best information about how secure your organization truly is. You need to a aggregate relevant information into one place and gain an informed and insightful view of information security.
  • You are aware of the need to discuss and assess risk, but you struggle to do so in a systematic and repeatable way.
  • You track so many security incidents and this makes the work inefficient and indigestible, allowing major incidents to fall through the cracks. On the other hand outcomes of incident responses are not formally tracked or communicated, resulting in a lack of comprehensive understanding of trends and patterns regarding incidents, leading to being re-victimized by the same vector. To overcome these, you want to establish a formal incident response process to meet compliance requirements.
  • You plan to launch a cybersecurity awareness program within your organization and make sure the program will engage end users. You are aware that irrelevant or outdated training content does not properly prepare your end users to effectively defend the organization against security threats. However you need a best practice perspective to accelerate your plans.
  • Current IT security policies within your organization are informal, un-rationalized, ad hoc, and not comprehensive. Your have trouble with end users who do not comply with security policies. Policies are also inefficient to revise and maintain.
  • Your security team often doesn’t understand business goals. Business stakeholders, on the other hand, lack direction regarding security initiatives and how to prioritize them. Hence, risks cannot be treated appropriately.
  • You need to need to develop a comprehensive security budget that is able to mitigate against threats. You have to be defend the budget against many other stakeholders to ensure there is proper funding. Stakeholders struggle to understand that security budgets are unlike other departmental budgets. Increases or decreases in the budget can drastically affect the organizational risk level.

akademiDXs – Three keyword can bring success to security initiatives: Holistic approach, risk-aware decisions, and business-alignment.

We Help You Manage Your Manage Critical IT Security Agenda

Security Risk, Strategy & Governance

  • Data Privacy
  • Governance, Risk & Compliance
  • Security Strategy & Budgeting

Security Technology & Operations

  • Endpoint Security
  • Identity & Access Management
  • Secure Cloud & Network Architecture
  • Security Processes & Operations
  • Threat Intelligence & Incident Response

Some Initiatives We Can Help You

  • Diagnose Security Issues
  • Build an Information Security Strategy
  • Optimize Security Mitigation Program
  • Consolidate Security Risk Management Solutions
  • Develop a Security Incident Management Program
  • Build a Security Awareness and Training Program
  • Develop and Deploy Security Policies
  • Select and Implement a Governance, Risk, and Compliance Solution
  • Build a Risk-Based Security Budget

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