Project & Portfolio Management

In today’s world, organizational strategies are mostly realized through projects. In other words, projects are the dots that help shape the strategy. And project portfolio management is the instrument that connects these dots in the most effective way so that they can work together towards the common end, i.e. the strategy. The project management office, on the other hand, is the entity that is responsible of governing and plotting all of these dots and the connections among them.

The IT department is not an exception of this fact. IT departments that have effective and efficient project management offices that guide the organization through the ambiguity of project and portfolio management best practices can achieve better results and can add more value to their business.

Some of Your Challenges

  • All too often, the portfolio of programs and projects looks more like a random heap than a strategically organized and balanced collection of investments that will drive the business forward.
  • As an IT leader, you oversee a project environment in which the organizational demand for new products, services, and enhancements far outweighs IT’s resource capacity to adequately deliver on everything. As a result, project throughput suffers. You need a project portfolio management (PPM) strategy to help bring order to IT’s project activity.
  • Your portfolio includes many projects that depend heavily on users and stakeholders adopting new tools, or learning new processes or skills. You need an effective organizational change plan to increase the likelihood that they will achieve their intended outcomes.
  • Your organization used to treat project benefits as a box to tick on the business case, deflating or inflating them to facilitate project approval. Even if benefits are properly defined, they are usually forgotten once the project is underway. Subsequent changes to project scope may impact the viability of the project’s business benefits, resulting in solutions that do not deliver expected value.
  • You oversee a department that lacks the resource capacity to adequately meet organizational demand for new projects and services. More projects are approved by top management than your department realistically has the capacity for, and you and your staff have little recourse to push back.
  • You’ve been thrown into the middle of an unfamiliar organizational structure and a chaotic project environment. The expectations are that the PMO will help improve project outcomes, but beyond that your mandate as PMO director is opaque.
  • As an IT leader, you need to evolve your PMO framework beyond an IT-centric model of project portfolio management (PPM) to optimize communication and coordination on enterprise-wide initiatives. While senior leaders are demanding greater uniformity in strategic project execution, individual departments currently operate to the detriment of the organization as sovereign silos.

akademiDXs – In today’s world, organizational strategies are mostly realized through projects that are aligned to the strategic goals and governed by project management offices.

We Help You Manage Your Critical Project & Portfolio Management Agenda

Project & Portfolio Management

  • Portfolio Management
  • Project Management
  • Project Management Office

Requirements & Analysis

  • Business Analysis
  • Requirements & Design

Value & Performance

  • Manage Business Relationships
  • Performance Measurement

Some Initiatives We Can Help You:

  • Assess PPM Current State
  • Develop a PPM Strategy
  • Maintain an Organized Portfolio
  • Define and Deploy an Enterprise PMO
  • Assess Your Project Management Maturity
  • Master Organizational Change Management Practices
  • Increase Project Benefits Realization
  • Develop Realistic Resource Management Practices
  • Measure IT Project Value
  • Optimize IT Project Intake, Approval, and Prioritization
  • Select and Implement an PPM Solution
  • Audit the Project Portfolio
  • Tailor IT Project Management Processes to Fit Your organization

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