SAP Quality Assurance

If you are asking yourself questions similar to the ones listed below, then our SAP Quality Assurance Service could add great value to your SAP project/program.

  • Will our project go live on the planned date?
  • Our project is not moving at the desired pace, what can I do to fix this?
  • How can I involve an independent expert consultant to review and advise on the processes we have designed?
  • Do our consultants use SAP best practices to the maximum degree?
  • Are there security vulnerabilities in our system?
  • Are there any risks that we did not foresee in our project?

akademiDX – Our SAP Quality Assurance Service could add great value to your business and provide you with a peace of mind througout your SAP project/program.

Our Quality Assurance Services:

Technical and Functional Quality Assurance:

We analyze your SAP systems and design from technical and functional perspective and offer advice to improve your productivity. We support you to implement the resulting recommendations where necessary.


Project Management Quality Assurance:

We examine the project management practices in your project and advise you on the critical elements that would marginally increase the likelihood of your project’s success. We support you to implement these recommendations where necessary.

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