SAP Audit Services

When you need to identify areas of improvement regarding your SAP systems or feel that there are some process violations on your systems, it might be wise to have an independent team to review the existing functional and technical design on your SAP systems. Such a review could provide you important clues to potential risks and vulnerabilities and help you initiate corrective measures.

In some cases though, it is not enough to audit only the existing design. Because you may want to see in detail whether there has any been any process violations in the past. You may even need a method that can help you monitor some of your critical processes as they are being executed, so that you can prevent and eliminate potential violations.

These are exactly what we offer to you within the scope of our SAP Audit services. Be it SAP ECC, SAP S4/HANA or any other SAP system, we audit your systems from different perspectives and present you a detailed report of the current functional and technical design. We also present to you the risks identified and the remediation methods of these risks. On the other hand, we utilize process mining techniques and tools to enable you audit past process transactions and even online transactions in detail.

What Areas Do We Audit?

Process Audit

  • SAP Functional Quality Assurance Services
  • Audit of Actual Flow of Business Processes

Technical Audit:

  • Technical Infrastructure and Architecture
  • User Roles and SoD (Segregation of Duties)
  • SAP Security and Vulnerability Audit
  • Code Review for Custom Developments

Details of our SAP Audit Services

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