SAP Support and AMS Services

What is SAP Application Management Services (AMS)?

SAP AMS is the umbrella of end-to-end support and maintenance services delivered to enable SAP user companies maximize return on investment of their SAP applications. AkademiDX’s SAP AMS offering is unique in terms of its delivery model and flexibility. Clients can choose among different levels of services to match their requirements. AkademiDX believes that AMS can only be optimized when the delivery team consists of high caliber expert consultants especially when it comes to making decisions about our clients’ systems. No juniors should be playing and experimenting in the Client’s systems. We work with a network of seasoned SAP consultants and subject matter expert boutique consulting teams to deliver our promise of service flexibility and SAP expertise.

Your Options: SAP Application Management Service Models

Core Service Principles

Expertise: No juniors to play around your systems and waste your time.

Flexibility: AkademiDX manages a network of expert consultants who can provide a wide range of SAP solutions both in terms of support and project implementations.

SLA Commitment: We take our SLA seriously. Our AMS software will automatically escalate issues to the next levels to accelerate the resolution of incidents and services.

Client Ownership: The service delivery manager is your trusted partner and main contact point for the whole service delivery process. S/He will work with you to overcome any challenge and ensure that you are satisfied with all the services you receive.

Open and Systematic Approach: We promise only what we can achieve. And when we promise, we do our plans before we act. We involve our clients in the planning process for best outcomes.

System Security: Your systems’ security and privacy is a top priority for us and we provide our services having this in the minds of all our consultants.

Major Steps to Initiate our SAP Support and AMS Service

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