Troubled Project Rescue

You have worked intensively to select the best business application available on the market and decided to work with a system integrator that you believe would best fit to your project. Everything was looking great at your kick-off meeting and in the first workshop sessions, even in the first couple of months of the project. Then, issues started raising one by one. The issues accumulated to a point that you may need to postpone your go live date, may be for several times, or even worse, ending up with a failed project.

If this scenario looks familiar to you and you feel the need to get an independent expert advice, we are here to work together with you and your system integrator to bring a fresh and objective eye into your project. We will work with you to assess the situation and craft a plan to rescue your project.

akademiDX – Let’s work together to prevent your project falling within the 55% to 75% of all ERP projects that fail to meet their objectives, according to analyst firm Gartner.

Major SAP Project Failure Reasons

Below is a list of the most encountered reasons of failure in SAP project:

  • Unrealistic project expectations
  • Failure of organizational change
  • Lack of effective risk management
  • Data issues
  • Inadequate functional design
  • Lack of technical expertise
  • User adoption problems
  • Poor project management
  • Deficiencies in post go live phase


Out of these, 3 areas should be directly owned and proactively managed by the business itself as they reside within its own domain. These are: organizational change, data issues, and risk management.

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