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akademiDX positions itself as the reliable partner throughout the digital transformation journeys of its clients. The services we provide in your digital transformation journey are 1) SAP Consulting, 2) IT Research and Advisory Services, 3) Digital Adoption, and 4) Training.

akademiDX is a division of Akademi Consulting, a technology and management consulting house established back in 1996. With the raise of digital transformation needs of today’s economic and business environment we support our customers through our new brand akademiDXs to maximize their return on investment of digital transformation initiatives, and especially those related to SAP applications.

We base our services only on the knowledge we know surely. If we need to know more, we first study and learn it, then utilize in our services. We also believe that we need to know by the “size and completeness of a building” before we can offer our services by the “size and singularity of a door”. For us, even the smallest problem we need to solve, or the simplest need we have to satisfy can only be handled as a component of an integrated system. Hence, we always strive to have a holistic approach in all of our services by first defining appropriate “boundaries” or “domains of interest” best suiting the needs of our customers.

At akademiDX we trive to achieve results actually useful to our customers and present our services in an easily comprehensible and likable fashion to all relevant levels of the organization of our client institutions. In this way our customers get the maximum benefit from our work both in the short and long term. We treat our customers as our associates in learning because we know that knowledge is best gained through sharing.

We help you success in your complex IT and Digital Transformation initiatives.

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Our aim is to maximize the ROI of digital transformation initiatives undertaken by our customers. To this end, we contribute to the success of SAP projects by positioning ourselves on the SAP-client side..


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